Top 5 Must-Try Appetisers in Singapore

With over six thousands food and beverages establishments littered across the island offering a myriad of gastronomic cuisines, it must be a pretty daunting task to even list down the country top restaurants and dishes without having to ire some parties.

That being said, let us throw into the ring what we considered to the top 5 must-try appetisers that can be found right here in Singapore.


5. Croissants with Escargot from La Petite Cuisine

escargot with croissants la petite cuisine by dairycream
photo credits: dairycream

La Petite Cuisine is a French cuisine establishment in Singapore. One of their specialties is the Croissants with Escargot. Since these escargots are prepared with a light seasoning, the thick, creamy and flavourful mushroom garlic sauce enhances its taste, while letting the essence of the escargots shine through. When the saltiness of the escargots and the flavourful sauce mixes with the sweetness of the warm, fluffy croissants, it creates for an appetiser that is so savoury and delicious, it has to be one of your favourites!

La Petite Cuisine
10 Jalan Serene,
Serene Center,

Tel: +65 6314 3173



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